Behold, The Selfie Stick!

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Beeline for Business…Behold, The Selfie Stick! I got a selfie stick! Working as a solopreneur, I wanted a selfie stick to shoot videos for business. I was so excited to purchase my first selfie stick at the MCX and I even got it on sale! Now what? It’s a simple device. Parts: Extendable stick Handle […]

Beeline for Business…A Handful of Holiday Events a VA Can Help With!

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Holiday help? Does your business need a little extra help in the office around the holidays? A Virtual Assistant (VA) has the ability to support your event(s) without disruption to your already bustling back-office by handling communications such as electronic newsletters, creating online events or social media posts; tracking RSVP’s; keeping you, the small business […]

Beeline for Business … Is Follow Up Your Down Fall?

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48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect! Don’t have enough time to follow with prospects after that networking event? Perhaps you’re a Chamber member or active in another professional organization and you’re failing to extend a warm welcome to new business owners to the neighborhood? A Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you […]

Beeline for Business… Fashion Sense Makes Cents!

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Dear SOHO (small office/home office) business owner, I know every day is casual day for the home-based business owner so don’t neglect your professional image when it comes time to leave the office for a meeting or networking event. Being fashion savvy can make an impact on that first impression for any business owner. Don’t […]

Feature Article – November 2012 issue – National Military Spouse Network newsletter

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You just received an email with the subject line: “Project Completed.” You smile, breathe a sigh of relief and move on to your next sales call, pondering to yourself, “What can I outsource next?” This email was from your Virtual Assistant having completed a task you had left on the back-burner far too long. What […]