Are You Set for Summer Vacation…What’s in Your Beach Bag?

You’ve made a packing list for your beach bag:

  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Flip flops
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Snacks

You’re all set for your summer vacation with one foot out the door and a goal to unwind and ‘unplug,’ but have you created a checklist to ensure your business runs smoothly in your absence.

Before you leave. What will you automate? What will you delegate? Who’s your backup? Plan “B”? Wait, did you announce your limited schedule? Where did you post notice about your office hours? Did you include that information on your website, in your email signature, submitted a press release, or post on social media? Writing a press release, publishing your social media posts, and updating your email signature are just a few of the tasks a Virtual Assistant (VA) could do for you. Want to keep your community engaged while you’re basking in the sun? Pre-schedule or have a VA manage your posts according to your social media calendar. Ease your worries by planning ahead.

During your vacation. If your intention is to take your community on vacation along with you, capture photos to share from afar! Organic social media posts of your adventures will further engage your followers. Better pack a camera (or your photo-capable smartphone).If you have an a-ha moment while lazing in the shade, will you jot it down? Will you notate a suddenly realized theme or content for a newsletter to your VA to draft or published after you return? Better pack a pad and pen… or upload a notes app to your smartphone. Remember, some of the best ideas come forth when you take a break; have a vacation and your mind and body are free to relax and recharge.

After your vacation. You’ll have renewed energy and enthusiasm and LOTS of ideas. What will you automate? What will you delegate?

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