Behold, The Selfie Stick!

Beeline for Business…Behold, The Selfie Stick!

I got a selfie stick!

Working as a solopreneur, I wanted a selfie stick to shoot videos for business.

I was so excited to purchase my first selfie stick at the MCX and I even got it on sale!

Now what?

It’s a simple device.


Extendable stick


Wrist band

Phone holder


Lessons learned:

  • If you want to capture audio, one must unplug the connecting cable. I learned that the hard way when I missed capturing the music of a bagpiper and a private band concert.
  • If you are vertically challenged, having a selfie stick gives you a vantage point head and shoulders about the rest (of the audience in front of you)!
  • When you have a selfie stick, people look to you to take the group shots.
  • There is selfie stick etiquette! Consult the websites or Public Affairs department of theme parks or museums you plan to visit and take your selfie stick.

Traveling with your selfie stick? Click here for the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guidelines.

Unfortunately, my shutter button stopped working after only a few uses and I had to return my selfie stick. It sure was fun while it lasted and I plan to replace it because it is easy to operate and in addition to its practical use for my business, it brings an element of fun and camaraderie to social gatherings as well!

Here’s a link to a video I shot with my selfie stick!