When Opportunity Knocked, I Knocked on Her Front Door

Podcasts are a popular means of distributing information to a worldwide audience.

As a guest of Shannon Vavich, host of The Semper Fi Household Podcast, a podcast for the homefront of the United States Marine Corps, I spoke about my journey as a military spouse, which also includes being a small business owner. Shannon is collecting stories in conversations with Marine Corps spouses as they live, work, play, and deal with living a transient lifestyle. Her podcast is focused on community-building, offering a glimpse of “a day in the life” as a source of inspiration and shared experiences. Because we aren’t co-located, after my podcast session, Building a Career as a Virtual Assistant (VA) ended, Shannon asked me to send a packet of business cards/print materials to her in the mail. Knowing I would be in her area the next week, I held on to the packet and hand-delivered the information right to her front door!

When opportunity knocks, I recommend seizing the moment to make a personal connection to boost your professional rapport. It was so much fun to meet Shannon and it only took a few minutes to say, “hello!”

Podcast quick facts:
Who’s Listening: 56% men | 44% women. Ages: 44% 18-34 | 33% 35-54 | 16% ages 55+
Average number of podcasts listeners enjoy each week: 5
(Source: Parade.com 10/8/17)