Child Released from Hospital After Being Struck by Car

This headline from The Daily News jumped off the page the took me back to a day in 1980 when I too was struck by a car, a white Volkswagen Rabbit, after turning into its path. I had gotten a brand new 10-speed as an early birthday present and was riding on the side of the road (with traffic) to my Me-Ma’s house, literally a cornfield away. I looked and listened for vehicles once, twice, but not three times and bam! I rolled onto the hood of the car, hit the windshield with my head and ended up landing on my back in a ditch by my Me-Ma’s mailbox. (Note there were no Bicycle Helmet Laws for Children then). I sustained a fractured left fibula, two sprained ankles, other minor lacerations, was briefly hospitalized then recuperated at home under the watchful eyes of my family.

I share this story with gratitude that I survived this gross negligence on my part. I am thankful I have a vibrant lifestyle and am able to help others doing the work I love. I welcome you to read more about my entrepreneurial journey on my newly refreshed ABOUT page.