Paring Down for PCS (Permanent Change of Station)

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Moving is always an exhausting process: planning, preparing, purging, packing, pick-up, delivery, unpacking, and re-establishment. It seems just when you are finally feeling settled and have 99.9% weaned yourself from the GPS to get around town, it is time to move again. Moving for my family includes household goods along with my home-office. While we […]

Hurricane Matthew: Lessons Learned

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night… Lessons Learned from Hurricane Matthew Storm prep and storm survival as it relates to your business. #BePrepared – Inspect items in your emergency kit and restock your pantry with non-perishables. I had precooked real food for several meals and had three days of food left before I would’ve had to resort […]

Beeline for Business … Use Your Network

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A resounding statement throughout the recent two-day National Military Spouse Network (NMSN) Military Spouse Career Summit was to: “use your network.” As small business owners, we have paid memberships, belong to professional associations, Facebook groups/communities, forums, listservs, mastermind and LinkedIn groups, just to name a few. So why is our first instinct when we have […]

Beeline for Business…Economic Influence for Women

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Celebrating Labor Day this past weekend caused me to take pause and think about the impact of women-owned businesses on today’s economy. The Small Business Administration has dedicated resources to help women entrepreneurs. What can you do today to advance economic influence for women? 1. Buy from women-owned businesses. 2. Buy from women-friendly businesses in […]