Hurricane Matthew: Lessons Learned

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Matthew
Storm prep and storm survival as it relates to your business.

#BePrepared – Inspect items in your emergency kit and restock your pantry with non-perishables. I had precooked real food for several meals and had three days of food left before I would’ve had to resort to a diet of canned beans. Having a plan is paramount. 
Prep Your Tech – I had a Weather Radio on hand which is a great piece of gear for weather/news; however, I’ve had it for some time and the phone charger feature isn’t a match for today’s smartphone. Also remember to charge up all electronics including portable chargers. Upgrade your tech as time warrants.
Inventory – Maintain an asset list.
Safeguard documents – Routinely run a backup. 

Research Resources –  Know who to contact when you need support.
You Can’t Do Everything Yourself – You may want to do a job yourself but most of the time, it’s better to pass the work with an expert. 

tree debris in yard