Beeline for Business … Use Your Network

Oct blog rabbitA resounding statement throughout the recent two-day National Military Spouse Network (NMSN) Military Spouse Career Summit was to: “use your network.” As small business owners, we have paid memberships, belong to professional associations, Facebook groups/communities, forums, listservs, mastermind and LinkedIn groups, just to name a few. So why is our first instinct when we have a dilemma to run down rabbit trails in search of the answer? I believe entrepreneurs, particularly solopreneurs tend to be self-reliant which is necessary when owning a business, but if you’re stuck at an impasse, who better to turn to than trusted colleagues. If a quandary remains after initial research, follow the advice of the NMSN experts to, “use your network.” Your associates won’t hesitate to chime in on a topic and are willing to share relevant advice, resources, best practices and lessons learned. It’s simple, just ask.