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110718 hiring event MCCS MCAS

CRMC Hiring Fair – National Entrepreneurship Month

Hiring Event 7 November | 1100-1400 | MCAS Beaufort Officers Club This event is FREE and open to all Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, Family Members, and DoD Civilians. Come with your resume and be ready to network and possibly interview with employers to include Lockheed Martin, Charter Communications, PSA Airlines, MCCS South Carolina, Tallahassee Police […]

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Paper Chaser to Participate in Spring Training for Virtual Assistants

Melissa St. Clair, owner of Paper Chaser will provide a webinar: “Small Business/Major Operation” as part of the 16th session of the VA Virtuosos Virtual Assistants Online Conference (#VAVS) on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 3PM PDT, 4PM MDT, 5PM CDT, 6PM EDT. #VAVS stands for Virtual Assistant Virtuoso Seminars.  “I am excited to be […]

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A Portable Career That Works With a Military Lifestyle

Wanting more freedom and flexibility to match my busy lifestyle as a military spouse, I longed for an opportunity to earn a steady income while utilizing my years of executive office experience. Upon learning about the option of a portable career as a Virtual Assistant (VA), I resigned from my day job, donned an entrepreneurial […]

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As Good as Gold!

2016 marked a 10 year anniversary for my business and personally, I celebrate a milestone birthday. It’s been a golden year! These two benchmarks spurred me to reflect on my “why?” Why did I start my own business? I started my small business because I was seeking a more flexible and portable career where I could […]

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Shortest Notice Ever…MOVE

We were in the process of working the kinks out of our less than one year old home with the construction manager who was conducting our 11-month walk through when Uncle Sam called and uttered that four-letter word – M.O.V.E. A lovely low maintenance home in an award-winning community we enjoyed, in a location where […]

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How is a Virtual Assistant (VA) Like a Life Preserver?

Feel like you’re drowning at your desk? Dive into the parts of your business you LOVE and that make you MONEY! SWIM laps around your competition by delegating administrative tasks. Add a Virtual Assistant to your team to help you make a splash, keep your customer communications and correspondence a-float! Give a VA a task […]

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ICE, ICE Baby!

“911, what’s your emergency?”- E911 Operator “I’m a small business owner and I don’t have any back-up…” As a small business owner do you have a plan ICE – In Case of Emergency? I currently operate my Virtual Assistant (VA) business as a solo entrepreneur. I provide direct services to my clients. At face value, […]

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