What’s Your Workflow M.O.?

Modus Operandi. I remember coming across the term “M.O.” in a book I read as a teenager. I asked my teacher what it meant, and her explanation has stuck with me all these years.

“The way you approach a situation is like a personal signature,” she told me. “For you, I know that when you read something you don’t understand, your M.O. is to research and ask questions until you get the answer.”

As a virtual assistant, I often ask clients to describe their workflow M.O. to me. Here are some of the descriptions they have shared:

My workflow M.O. looks like a frantic juggler who drops more balls than they keep in the air.

My workflow M.O. resembles a giant iceberg that barely moves.

I get stuck on one task and hyperfocus on it to the exclusion of all the other stuff that needs to get done. That’s my workflow M.O.

Squirrels. My workflow M.O. involves chasing lots of squirrels and shiny things.

Does your workflow resemble any of these examples? Is it the “personal signature” you want it to be, or is there room for improvement?

With the right virtual assistant, you can change your workflow M.O. and enhance your business operations. Tweaking your procedures and improving your workflows can be transformational. You will reduce your stress and likely increase your profits.

Imagine describing your workflow M.O. as effective, cost-efficient, creative, time-saving, productive, stress-reducing. It’s possible with the help of a successful virtual assistant.

Are you tired of being a juggler, an iceberg, or a squirrel chaser? If so, let’s talk!