How is a Virtual Assistant (VA) Like a Life Preserver?

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Feel like you’re drowning at your desk? Dive into the parts of your business you LOVE and that make you MONEY! SWIM laps around your competition by delegating administrative tasks. Add a Virtual Assistant to your team to help you make a splash, keep your customer communications and correspondence a-float! Give a VA a task […]

Beeline for Business…Set a Goal: Delegate

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There’s not enough time in the day! I am missing deadlines! I would like to communicate more with customers online! I need to do more follow up! I crave more “me” time! Small Business Owner, are you setting goals for the New Year? Improve time-management Get organized Make stronger connections Get healthier Add a team […]

Beeline for Business…Don’t Let Your Business Be a Statistic!

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Before beginning, plan carefully. -Marcus T. Cicero You wouldn’t start out on a vacation or an important trip without first mapping out your course. Just as builders and construction projects require an architectural plan, the same careful preparation is paramount to laying out a foundation to build a small business. Continue reading my guest post […]