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Beeline for Business…Email Etiquette

Email is the primary means of communication for business and that means it is often the first impression. We all know that the first impression is a lasting impression. As an entrepreneur, I provide virtual administrative services for small business owners and know first-hand a stellar first impression is paramount.  I work behind the scenes […]

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Beeline for Business…A Handful of Holiday Events a VA Can Help With!

Holiday help? Does your business need a little extra help in the office around the holidays? A Virtual Assistant (VA) has the ability to support your event(s) without disruption to your already bustling back-office by handling communications such as electronic newsletters, creating online events or social media posts; tracking RSVP’s; keeping you, the small business […]

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Beeline for Business … Thanking Loyal Customers

Received a letter of congratulations and thanks this week from our financial institution for reaching a membership milestone. Wow, someone was really keeping track of our long-standing patronage! The impact of receiving the letter prompted this blog entry. A recent survey of small business owners published in USA Today showed getting repeat customers as the #1 […]

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Beeline for Business: Corporate Greeting Cards

Newsletters, postcards, letters and emails. All ways small business owners communicate with their customers and colleagues. The holiday season always brings up the question: to send a corporate greeting card or not? Common reasons why not? Can’t choose the right card style, the right prescribed message, the right personalized message? Reasons why to; the gesture […]

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