Beeline for Business: Corporate Greeting Cards

Newsletters, postcards, letters and emails. All ways small business owners communicate with their customers and colleagues. The holiday season always brings up the question: to send a corporate greeting card or not? Common reasons why not? Can’t choose the right card style, the right prescribed message, the right personalized message? Reasons why to; the gesture will be well-received, appreciated and most likely be put on display in the recipient’s office or lobby.

What style? Select an elegant card with a generic seasonal theme. Not sure what to say? Do an internet search for greeting card messages or consult with a communications specialist or professional wordsmith.

Recap: Choose a classic card with a neutral theme. Choose a card with general message for the season and develop a standard message offering best wishes for the season. No time? Consider an automated card service or outsource to a virtual assistant to serve as your company’s card concierge.

Happy Holidays from Paper Chaser!