Online Course Launch: All Systems Go: Standard Operating Procedures Simplified

Melissa St. Clair, the owner of Paper Chaser Biz LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of All Systems Go: Standard Operating Procedures Simplified course designed exclusively for entrepreneurs to help build or shore up their small business foundation. A guided DIY (Do It Yourself) course that can be implemented at any stage of business to develop and/or formalize Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs.

This guided DIY course was developed for busy solopreneurs, solopreneurs starting to add team members, and small business owners with teams OR supporting team members will:

  1. Increase your confidence in writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  2. Increase organization of business operations and prepare for growth.
  3. Decrease the stress of being solely responsible to retain the working knowledge of the business.

Make a beeline to to learn more and register now for this user-friendly, business-building course that begins in January 2022.

Read the full press release here.