All Systems Go: Standard Operating Procedures Simplified

Are you a busy solopreneur, a solopreneur starting to add team members, a small business owner with a team, OR a supporting team member?

I’ve decided to offer a guided DIY (Do It Yourself) course All Systems Go: Standard Operating Procedures Simplified using a simple recipe with three goals:

  1. Increase your confidence in writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  2. Increase organization of business operations and prepare for growth.
  3. Decrease stress of being solely responsible to retain working knowledge of the business.

Why do we need this SOP?

Be and feel more organized as an entrepreneur. Release pressure of maintaining all working knowledge in your brain! Slash stress. Save time. Reduce errors and omissions. Streamline processes for efficient and effective workflow.

For every hour of planning, 3 to 4 hours are saved from redundancy, waiting for information, not being prepared and poorly managed tasks (

Companies, on average, spend as much as 16 days a year looking for paper documents. (

Where would we use this SOP?

SOPs should be written to capture any/all business operations from Mission, Vision, Values through the daily life of the business to Exit Planning.

When would we use this SOP?

At startup, define all processes: 1-off, day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, annual, review and update as necessary.

How do we go about using this information?

Reference guide for self and training tool for team members. Collateral to leverage when selling business.

How the guided DIY course works

This guided DIY course is set to launch, Tuesday, January 5, 2022 in conjunction with Get Organized Month – Once you sign up, you’ll be added to my email list, and you will receive one (1) email per week based on the package purchased that will contain:

  • a customizable SOP template
  • a video overview of the SOP topic
  • an accompanying written description