Virtual Assistant Vinyasa

Have you ever had to wear one of those bulky boots that help stabilize your foot after an injury? I spent two weeks in one followed by eight weeks of twice weekly intensive physical therapy and conditioning. If you know me, you know that I love to be active – hiking, walking, working out, and exploring nature. I missed all those things while confined to the boot, but what I missed the most was yoga.

I practice Vinyasa yoga. It focuses on moving your body and breath through a continuous flow of movements and poses. Until I was forced to give it up while my foot healed, I didn’t realize how much I relied on my Vinyasa practice to create balance (physical and mental), to build core strength, to increase flexibility, to calm my mind, and to help me sleep. Intellectually, I know Vinyasa yoga promises all these things, but it took hurting my foot to realize the extent to which yoga delivers on those promises.

As a virtual assistant, I can promise and deliver the same things to small business owners that Vinyasa yoga gives to me. I can help your business establish a workflow that creates balance, builds the core strength of your operations, increases flexibility to respond to new opportunities, calms your worries, and relieves your stress. You may even start enjoying the best sleep of your life!

While I was wearing the medical boot, I had a lot of time to think and reflect on my work as a virtual assistant. I love the idea of providing small businesses with a Virtual Assistant Vinyasa practice. I can help you establish a workflow that breathes new life into your business and helps bring your work and your family life into better balance.

Vinyasa yoga relies on the breath to move your body and quiet your mind. Stop anxiously holding your breath. If you are ready to exhale and establish a better workflow, let’s talk.


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