Summertime is the Perfect Time for R&R…Rest and Relaxation

I woke at up 2 am. My subconscious began sketching out an excel spreadsheet, drafting a response to a colleague, and reminding me to research a household appliance. These thoughts woke me from sleep despite the fact I had these items prewritten on my “get-to-do” list to tackle during waking, working hours the next day.

While I tried my darnedest to practice meditative breathing in an attempt to lull myself back to sleep, I remained awake, tossing and turning past 4 am, ugh! While we all have nights such as those, I hope for you this is not the norm. Learning to relax in today’s whirlwind world takes work. There are tons of tactics available to us but the key to achieving relaxation depends on YOU!

Summertime is the perfect time for R&R… rest and relaxation.

Warm breezes, longer days with lots of sunshine, and a sense of vibrancy set the conditions for recreation. Making time to slow down is a must. Taking time to spend outdoors, in nature, doesn’t cost a dime!

We all know relaxation is good for us and it is an important component of wellbeing to make time for. This HuffPost article lists 10 Health Benefits of Relaxation – you may be surprised by some of the benefits!

cat relaxing on bench in bushes