Stellar Example of Reopening Communication Rollout

Case Study: Celadon Club Wellness Center

Acknowledging a stellar example of reopening communications in response to lifting of restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.


May 11, 2020:

Gov. Henry McMaster Announces that Additional Businesses, Gyms, Pools are Able to Open Monday, May 18

Within 24 hours 1st email communication

Celadon Club Reopening screenshot

With next steps:

Celadon Club reopening instructions screenshot

Within 3 business days, 2nd email communication with downloadable Policies/Procedures

Celadon Club reopening procedures and policies screenshot

Correlating Social Media Post Alert (Facebook)

Celadon Club reopening newsletter screenshot

Day prior to reopening, 3rd email communication

Reopening communication Q&A with Stephanie Fairbanks, Wellness Center Director 

When did you begin planning for reopening communications?

We began planning our opening communications as soon as we closed down.  We had hoped that the shutdown wouldn’t be too long, so we were in constant contact with the pool company, DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control) and followed every press conference the Governor had.

Do you feel your communication plan was adequate and timely?

I believe we were timely. Once we had the permission to open the Club we revised the policies and procedures to follow all requirements from the Governor and DHEC. We emailed them out as soon as we could. [Note: The communications timeline is outlined in the article above].

What did you identify as the most important aspects of your communication plan?

Probably the most important aspect of our communication plan was to check our bounce rates on the email blast and get information as quickly as we could when made aware that some people didn’t get the information.  We posted a notice on Facebook letting everyone know that we had sent an email to call us if they didn’t receive it.  In general, being available for questions and clarifying anything that needed to be. Fortunately, we didn’t have too many unanswered questions.

Is your small business reopening communication plan ready to roll? 

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