Shortest Notice Ever…MOVE

We were in the process of working the kinks out of our less than one year old home with the construction manager who was conducting our 11-month walk through when Uncle Sam called and uttered that four-letter word – M.O.V.E.

A lovely low maintenance home in an award-winning community we enjoyed, in a location where we’d just begun to scratch the surface of all the area had to offer. M.O.V.E.

A casual conversation with our Realtor(R) about ways to improve her Realtor(R) Facebook page led to the development of the this FREE white paper, 10 Really Easy Ways to Boost Content on Your Realtor(R) Facebook page. She immediately put at least three of the elements into action, creating new posts on her Facebook page, sharing an article of interest and the virtual tour link to the listing! Win=Win!

Grab your free copy!

I consulted my VA (Virtual Assistant) tribe to ensure proper representation for this FREE white paper, 10 Really Easy Ways to Boost Content on Your Realtor(R) Facebook page as I am not a dedicated REVA (Real Estate Virtual Assistant) and received great feedback.

Real Estate Support Professional, Cindy Winslow of CW Virtual Associates recommended, “Something additional would be what the Realtor(R) or their brokerage is doing in the community. If they live, work, play or volunteer in the community it is always good to highlight what they are doing. Sellers want agents who know their neighborhood.” Thanks Cindy!

Additional housekeeping suggestions for your Realtor(R) Facebook page:

  • Make sure the link to your website is properly linked.
  • Use a welcoming, neutral-themed cover photo.
  • Use a professional headshot for your profile photo.
  • Ensure the Page Information section is filled out as completely as possible.


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