Standard Operating Procedure Starter Pack eBook


Template: Standard Operating Procedure Starter Pack

This collection of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) templates is designed to simplify the process of creating these important documents while helping you streamline your business.


  • Operations: systems and workflows
  • Training: onboarding and cross-training team members
  • Day to Day: a reference guide for processes


  • Templates included: Financial Controls, Legalities, Online Platforms, Operations, and Software Systems.
  • Fillable and fully customizable.
  • Notes and annotations are provided as guidelines.
  • BONUS – A fully customizable ICE (In Case of Emergency) template, is important to any small business.

This Starter Pack eBook will assist you in composing SOPs for all the important processes used in running a business. Designed exclusively for Small Business owners and Virtual Assistants.


Questions about creating an Operations Manual or Standard Operating Procedures?

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