Standard Operating Procedure Starter Pack


Template: Standard Operating Procedure Starter Pack

This collection of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) templates is designed to simplify the process of creating these important documents while helping you streamline your business.


  • Operations: systems and workflows
  • Training: onboarding and cross-training team members
  • Day to Day: reference guide for processes


  • Templates included: Financial Controls, Legalities, Online Platforms, Operations, and Software Systems.
  • Fillable and fully customizable.
  • Notes and annotations provided as guidelines.
  • BONUS – A fully customizable ICE (In Case of Emergency) template, important to any small business.

This Starter Pack will assist you in composing SOPs for all the important processes used in running a business. Designed exclusively for Small Business owners and Virtual Assistants.


Questions about creating an Operations Manual or Standard Operating Procedures?

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