Home Work – A Collection of Poems


Home Work A Collection of Poems Sparked by One White Woman’s Journey on the Matter of Race will bring readers into the heart of the author’s expedition into the study of racism and social justice electrified by Harriet Tubman’s heroic flight to freedom.

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“This book is a compilation of poems written as a result of lessons and home work assignments while a participant in the course, On The Matter of Race: White People Committed to Beginning the Journey Together, Level 1,” stated St. Clair.

“My mother reminded me I won entry into a published book of poetry as a young adult. Poetry writing was dormant until my first homework assignment by conflict resolution coach, Lynne M. Hurdle Price course, On The Matter of Race. Instead of sentences and paragraphs to convey my thoughts, poetry answered the homework questions posed.”

Portion of proceeds from each book will be donated to The Harriet Tubman Monument, Beaufort, SC until monies are raised for installation.