Podcast Guest: Divinely Driven Results

Divinely Driven Results podcast Elise Smith Melissa St. ClairAre you constantly putting in hours and hours and hours into your business and feeling like it’s going absolutely nowhere and you just aren’t very productive? You set goals repeatedly, and they just seem so far away.

Do you feel that God is calling you to step out in your business more significantly, to scale, but you are already stressed to the max with so many tasks and insufficient time?

You cry out to the Lord, How Lord – How? How do I gain more time to get it all done and make more money?

More time + more money is precisely what our fantastic guest speaker is talking about: Three tips to gain more time and money. Who doesn’t want that? Right. Melissa St. Clair is a communications and standard operating procedure specialist with Paper Chaser Biz. She helps busy women solopreneurs operating on overload with her services so they can focus on their purpose, passion project, or simply catch a breath.

Join us to hear how you can go from overwhelmed to organized, save time, and ultimately make more money.