The MilSpo Project #SpouseStories: Melissa St. Clair

Hello friends!  Click Play to view this installment of #SpouseStories LIVE – from The Milspo Project’s Facebook page on April 5th at 1:15 EST. Interview with Elizabeth Boardman, Executive Director/Founding Partner.

We will be interviewing military spouse, entrepreneur, virtual assistant, and self-proclaimed worker bee, Melissa St. Clair of Paper Chaser – Virtual Administrative Services!

“Military spouses make great business owners because we are resourceful, altruistic, determined, and use our ingenuity to carve a path that makes a positive impact and supports our families and others we are committed to helping.” –Melissa St. Clair

Spouse Stories: S1: E3: Melissa St. Clair

Join Milspo Project founder Elizabeth Boardman as she interviews military spouse entrepreneur Melissa St. Clair of Paper Chaser. Melissa discusses why military spouses make great business owners, as well as how identifying your strengths and using resources available to you contributes to business success.

Posted by Milspo Project on Wednesday, April 5, 2017