Making your checklist … and checking it twice

As a military spouse of nearly 30 years, I frequently heard the word, “check.” In military jargon, an affirmative term akin to yes, or accounted for. Breezing through a checklist to get the job done boosts productivity and reduces the margin for error.

A checklist can easily serve as a simplified or adjunct aspect of your small business’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). There are so many free templates available, that there is no excuse not to create these foundational and operational tools for your small business.

From a basic Microsoft Office or Canva template to electronic means with a work management app, like Asana. By taking time to create a checklist for both major and minor functions of your business, you are ready for the next step of utilizing the checklist as a training tool to troubleshoot, delegate, or transfer to the buyer of your business when you are ready to sell it!

Try it – take one item from your to-do list this week and transform it into a checklist. Double-check each step. Be sure to store it in a centralized location for easy access.

Fun fact: October 30th is National Checklist Day! ✅

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