How A VA Can Help You Be Awesome on Social Media

I know you are tired of hearing it, but for your business to grow, you must be willing to be seen and heard, and that means showing up consistently on social media. Some people enjoy the social media stuff and there are some who do not. If you are one who does not love creating and sharing content for your social media, that’s ok, Paper Chaser Biz does! Book a call with me today to explore your options. If you prefer to do the content yourself, here are a few of my favorite tips! 


Tell your followers why you started your business – the short and sweet version. Try to refrain from going back to your great-grandma’s sugar cookie recipe as the catalyst to your bakery and, instead, talk about what is still getting you up at 4 a.m. to bake cookies. Is it that early morning ritual that honors your great-grandma’s memory? Then talk about that. Perhaps you are in the travel industry and it is the flexibility of being able to travel and be location independent. Then share that with your followers. Let them get to know you a little better.


Whatever your industry, there are always helpful insider tips that can be shared with your followers to enhance their experience or make their life easier. Travel is a perfect example. If you specialize in travel, then you are well-versed on the best days to book for price versus the best days to book to get the best availability. There are sure to be followers who are looking for one or the other and will find that information helpful – either for their budget or their calendar.


Sharing a helpful hint or shortcut that will save your followers time or money is always a hit. You can never go wrong by providing something of value. Personally, I find that my time is more valuable than money, and love to share my time management tips.


You never know what others are facing during their day. I received a message on LinkedIn the other day that really made a difference to me. The sender had no way of knowing I was having a challenging day and that the message they sent would be such an encouragement to me, but it was! Never underestimate the power of a positive message.


Toot your own horn occasionally. Reshare testimonials from your website or other social media or even from a personal message or email you’ve received. It is always a good idea to ask for the person’s consent first and offer to tag them in return (or share their website). And think outside the box a bit – consider resharing a past post you were tagged in by others. That is a testimonial as well!


Create a Google alert for your industry or niche and share the positive. There is so much negative and controversial news being shared on social media – bee different – share something refreshing instead. You never know, you might find something that goes viral. Wouldn’t that bee awesome?

For more ideas on what to share on social media, check out my infographic: 10 Topics to Share on Social Media!

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