Guest blog: sure, you can do it all, but SHOULD you?

If you’re a high-achiever, you’re good at a LOT of different stuff.

Which makes it REALLY TEMPTING to do everything yourself, especially in a time crunch.

“Sure, so-and-so SHOULD be doing this, but they’re not, and it’ll just be FASTER/easier for ME to wrap it up!”

Here’s the price you pay for doing it all yourself:

  • You move OUT of your Zone of Genius work (reminder: your ZOG is where you are happiest and get paid the most for the value you provide!!)
  • You prevent other people from developing their skills
  • You’re likely wasting time on something that is not strategically important to your career or your company
  • Your “asking-for-help” muscle gets weaker, while your sense of “everything is my responsibility” gets stronger (and eventually feels OVERWHELMING).

In contrast, when you’re doing your ZOG work:

  • You are happier. You’re undoubtedly doing something that is more significant to you (and creates bigger results for others too)
  • Your work is more likely to grow your career and positively impact your company
  • You’re likely contributing to a more equitable team atmosphere: you are doing YOUR best work, while other team members/colleagues are doing THEIR best work.
  • You can disconnect from work more easily, knowing that you did your best during work-time, and you deserve time off to recharge.

Remember: You got hired/started your business in order to solve problems.

No matter how good you are at graphics, or organizing luncheons, or finding speakers – unless those are the problems you got hired to solve, stay OUT of that work. And stay IN your personal Zone of Genius!!

About Marcy Stahl:
Marcy Stahl specializes in coaching high-achieving women (corporate and entrepreneurs) to discover and build on their unique abilities. So you enjoy more income and impact, and feel GOOD about your life and work.

Through her coaching business Rewire Your Confidence, she has helped her clients experience results like:

  • Getting clear on their Zone of Genius work and abilities
  • Becoming more confident at work and personally
  • Doubling their personal sales

She’s the co-author of the book Direct Selling Power.

Her passion is helping her clients feel more confident and powerful, make more money and feel more JOY! Visit her online: