Cats Aren’t the Only Ones Distracted by Tinsel!

After the long Thanksgiving weekend, then the temptation to peek at every Cyber Monday deal that hit my Inbox, and my feeble attempts to draw on my 2016 buzzword, focus, today I’ve reclaimed my attention and setting intentions for the year end as well as the New Year.

My best advice if you must work during the holidays is to plan your work time in advance, set an abbreviated schedule, and clearly communicate your plans to be on the clock with your friends and family, and of course, your customers!

Whether you are traveling or welcoming house guests for the holidays remember, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” (Adapted from a line in “To a Mouse,” by Robert Burns). There will be a lot going on, and even more demands on your time – ’tis the season!

Don’t be this guest…!! (hee, hee). I’m guilty!

ask-for-wifi-passwordAre you the host/ess who has a small business owner in your fold? Share your Wi-Fi password up front. I downloaded this template for my guest room.

(Photo from Etsy)

Regardless of your scenario this holiday season, spot check work if you must, allow yourself time off to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. You’ll be happier and more productive when you resume your normal work schedule.