Beeline for Business…Best Laid Plans: Two Out of 12, Better Than None

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” –Robert Burns, Scottish poet and lyricist (adapted), 25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796.

If you recall, Uncle Sam said it was time to move this summer and so we did. This Permanent Change of Station (PCS) came with a few months’ time for house hunting (while my service member was deployed) and relocation (we were able to divide and conquer that piece) so amid preparation to pack up the entire household and my business, I began to research prospective organizations for professional networking and potential speaking engagements in my new area and created a list of almost a dozen opportunities!

I worked through my move – a strategy to have professional continuity in the midst of the controlled chaos of the transition. Business remained steady, boxes called for unpacking, and there were new local attractions to be explored!

Despite my advanced planning I still haven’t attended as many networking groups in my new territory as I’d hoped. I made it to two within the first two months and one, luckily, was in my own neighborhood. Two out of twelve is better than none.

What about the rest of them, you ask?

Make big plans, but change your plans as time changes.–Marchant

Well… I was busy running my business – my priority is taking care of my clients – and as you well know, time flies when you’re having fun. As we settled in, I added a couple new clients to the roster and I also signed up for an intensive 6-month training program which kicked off during the first three months.

Am I beating myself up about not getting out to get acquainted with more of the professional networks in the area? Nope. As a solo entrepreneur and military spouse, I realize I can’t do it all at once – moving is a major ordeal, making the move seamless for my clients is paramount and orienting oneself to your new community takes time.

It’s a New Year, so perhaps I’ll dust off that list – opportunity awaits!

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