Beeline for Business…Thank You, New Customer!

By now you may have noticed I like bees; worker bees in particular, bee-cause I am one!

You may also know by now I like to shop local at farmer’s markets or patronize another small businesses because I am one (small business)!

Just before Christmas my cousin, Michael, tagged me on a Facebook post raving over a particular honey he’d bought locally from a classmate who keeps bees. My cousin and I hail from neighboring towns so these beekeepers are ‘my’ people too. After browsing their website, I placed my first order. My purchase registered immediately and I had two automated confirmation emails regarding the purchase. That evening, I received a personalized email from the Apiary thanking me for my order along with information when the order would ship. As a new customer, I appreciated this personal touch.

I wrote back to the owner with my “six degrees” story about my cousin’s referral, to which the owner responded. Now WE have a rapport! Business is all about relationships and this is one example of a company going the extra mile to reach out to customers.

A follow up note, whether electronic or handwritten always makes a positive first impression. Is this type of customer service built in to your business plan? Are you too busy to incorporate a ‘personal’ touch? Consider outsourcing or automating this type of communication. This extra step could lead to a loyal, lifetime customer!

Customer outreach:

  • Handwritten note
  • Electronic note
  • Card sending service
  • Preprinted note
  • Automated signature machine
  • Autoresponder

Thank-you note pad and pen