Beeline for Business…Lucky Duck!

This blog is going old school; I’m talking about throwback, to high school.

I enjoyed high school. Raised in a rural area, the student body was just over 1,000 people so our world at that time was small. The school colors are green and gold and our mascot was the Hawk. As I mentioned, my high school was in a rural area and we had a Future Farmers of America (FFA) program with a farm on the school grounds. Somewhere along the line, a rival school began calling “Hawks” “Duck Farmers” which is fully embraced to this day as more of a badge of honor!

This Baltimore Sun article from 2012 has more on the “Duck Farmer” story.

Did you really know what you wanted to do in the future in a career capacity when you were in high school? Or maybe while you’re reading this you are still in high school. There are career days and volunteer opportunities available to students to help become familiar with a host of jobs. A student might have access to a mini internship or a chance to shadow a local professional for a more hands-on experience to explore an occupation. Unless you had an epiphany at that magical age of eight years old (I have read that is the age when a person may have a realization of their future calling). You probably took the standard career aptitude tests and the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam then still wondered where your place is in the world.

Looking back, I have to say my high school experiences did lay the groundwork for my vocation as a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Course work: Typing (duh!); Yearbook staff

Student Government Association: SGA Delegate

Athletics: cheerleading, lacrosse, soccer scorekeeper

Exposure to administrative and creative teamwork along with team sports shaped my personal growth.

My least favorite activity was riding the school bus. I was the first one on and the last one off. Hated it! Perhaps that’s why I’ve chosen a livelihood that allows me to commute on foot, just down the hall. For that, I consider myself a lucky duck!

Junior Varsity cheerleader, freshman year
Junior Varsity cheerleader, freshman year