Beeline for Business… Tasks and Time

TASK – definition (Yahoo Dictionary):

n. noun

  1. A piece of work assigned or done as part of one’s duties.time w calendar
  2. A difficult or tedious undertaking.
  3. A function to be performed; an objective.


  1. To assign a task to or impose a task on.

Is your time better spent on revenue-generating business activities such as sales and service versus tackling back-office administrative tasks?

Business owners do have options for handling office functions:
1. Automate the process
2. Hire someone in-house
3. Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

When evaluating the options, a business owner will determine the best strategy for efficient operations. The results may be a single solution or a combination of approaches.

How much time are you actually spending putting together your newsletter, setting your social media posts; conducting other client communications such as appointment setting or appointment confirmation? Automation: I wrote about automation in a March blog entry titled: Automation – Set It and Forget It.

Hiring: Does your task load volume may merit hiring a full-time or part-time staff? Are you prepared to manage the human resources requirements for an employee(s)?

Outsource: A more flexible option is outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant (VA). This may serve the solopreneur or small business owner well. VA expertise ranges from general administrative support to specialty services such as graphic design. The VA works independently and is generally self-employed unless the business owner opts to work with a VA agency. The outsourced work is accomplished without supervision, without disruption to your office and you are paying for 100% productive work.