Beeline for Business … Reason #1…Flexibility

laptop at Firestone 2Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens. -Epicetus

A prime example of why I relish being self-employed is the flexibility. With a portable career as a virtual assistant I can pack up the office and go and work from most anywhere. Having my laptop with me while, say, waiting on my car for routine service that somehow turned in to a more than two hour wait because it’s the week before Christmas, was priceless. I was able to make potentially idle time productive and maintain my sanity by doing the work I enjoy. I must admit a bit of impatience but kept reminding myself of the benefit of being able to multi-task work/home life. Yes, my earlier sentence was a run-on sentence but I’m happy to report after utilizing the waiting area of the local automotive service station as my temporary office, tasks for this year were completed for a client and my car is in good running order and ready for the road!

May your holidays bee merry and 2014 your best year yet!