Beeline for Business… Not Procrastination…Prioritizing

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Guilty. I’m as guilty as any other solopreneur when it comes to working ON my business. Guilty. I enjoy the work I do for others and tend to leave my own projects on the back burner. I admire my colleagues who are disciplined and dedicate time each week for administrative time of their own by actually blocking time on their calendar for this work. I truly want to do a better job for myself.

There are a variety of tracking tools to help business owners monitor time/tasks – find one that works best for you. Don’t have time to research time management tools online? Use your electronic calendar to schedule back-office work time and/or set reminders of deadlines; both hard-and-fast and self-imposed. Do you work from a home office? Change your work environment when focusing on your own tasks and work offsite. Consider recruiting a colleague to serve as an accountability partner, share goals and timelines and check in on each other periodically or at coordinated times. Get started today by carving out small amounts of time to tackle one project at a time. Be kind to yourself; if you deviate from your planned time, recalibrate, you’ll thank yourself for keeping the commitment when you achieve the end product.