Beeline for Business…New Year Reboot for Your Computer

As a Virtual Assistant, being without my computer is a critical circumstance, but it does happen. An S-O-S call to Shaun at North Carolina IT Professionals Inc. is always met with calm demeanor and superior customer service. I’m thrilled to share a guest post by Shaun who shares a best practice for the New Year.

New Year Reboot

Shaun Selman, Owner NC I.T. Professionals, Inc.
Shaun Selman, Owner
NC I.T. Professionals, Inc.

BY: Shaun Selman, Owner, North Carolina I.T. Professionals, Inc.

Clean Install

Every day we have the opportunity to start anew. With each New Year, we place a special emphasis on the “clean slate” of the New Year and we further reinforce these ideals by making “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Focusing on the industry side of productivity, this year we want to help everyone start this New Year off right by helping build daily habits that will lead to your yearlong success, every year working with the everyday technology that we interact with most, our computers.

To help us unclutter daily and stick with these New Year resolutions and habits, it helps us to have a starting point. To do so, we will cover basic terminologies and concepts that you can use with your friends, family, co-works and business associates alike.

There are 5 basic types of storage:

  •  Hard Drive: Internal and external devices with moving internal parts that store your information    to access and backup.
  •   SSD: Solid State Drive, same as a hard just no moving internal components.
  •   USB Flash Drive: Universal Serial Bus Flash Drive. Has no internal moving parts, stores your information for the purpose of transporting to another computer location.
  •   Memory Cards: compact memory cards used for cellphones, digital cameras, computers and video camcorders. Used to transfer digital media such as pictures, music and small videos.
  •  Optical Discs: CD (Compact Disc), DVD (Digital Versatile Disc), Blu-ray. Flat, metal, discs read by the laser of a computer also used to transfer digital media.
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