Beeline for Business … Myth Busting – Working with a Virtual Assistant

Don’t be fooled by the myths about working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)!

I’m setting the record straight – you don’t need to ‘get ready’ to be ready to work with a Virtual Assistant (VA).

MYTH #1: I have to be organized to work with a Virtual Assistant.

TRUTH: Working with a VA will help you get more organized by systematizing processes and completing projects for you!

MYTH #2: I can’t afford to work with a Virtual Assistant.

TRUTH: The VA industry range is $25-$100 per hour. What is your time worth to free up for revenue-generating activities? A VA has the flexibility to work with your budget and business needs.

MYTH #3: I don’t know what to delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

TRUTH: Identify one task on your to-do list. Ask a colleague how they utilize a VA; better yet, ask a VA about it!

Look at what lies undone, incomplete and uninteresting in your to-do pile. What would you hand off to an Executive Assistant if you had one sitting outside your office door? Simply hand that task off to Virtual Assistant to handle remotely without disruption to your office.

myths about working with a VA