Beeline for Business…Stop Asking Family and Friends for Help!

“I’ll get my ____ to help me.” Fill in the blank, friend, neighbor, cousin…

How many times as a small business owner have you sought out a helping hand by someone in your family, maybe someone in your neighborhood or perhaps a trusted friend to lend support to a special project or a longer assignment? The arrangement begins with excitement and smiles as this volunteer is gung-ho in the beginning but distractions occur, the enjoyment wanes, and that volunteer turns out to be a fair-weathered friend?

You want to get something done and done right without having to do it yourself, right? Call on another professional. Your growing small business deserves proper support.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. – Red Adair

That quote speaks volumes about the importance of engaging the services of another business professional or specialist in their industry.

You’ve been working all aspects of your small business since Day One. You know every function and requirement inside and out. Assess your to-do list. What truly needs your attention? What doesn’t have to remain on your plate, which could be delegated or outsourced? Take a few minutes to jot down how-to instructions for routine tasks that could be delegated or determine if your need is a specialty service and seek out the proper vendor. If you don’t have time to research those industry professionals, ask your colleagues for referrals.

Surely, there is another small business providing the service you need and that industry professional is in business to provide a quality service. They utilize their training and skills to conduct their work efficiently and effectively while you focus on functions that require your expertise.

Alleviate frustration, don’t procrastinate, avoid being stuck, stop stalling, and ask for proper help. You’ll be so glad you did and you’ll find yourself more relaxed and spending time in the areas of your business you enjoy. Your enjoyment will reflect in the way you treat your customers, your family, yourself.

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