Beeline for Business … Turn Your Home Office Green!

I shifted my first thoughts from writing about making more green as small business owner to “going green.” Even a business operating from a SO/HO (small office/home office) can have an impact on keeping the environment clean and “green.” While a lot of our work is virtual, there is still an occasional use of paper – keep a separate bin for recycling papers that don’t require shredding. If you are shredding paperwork, toss the shreds in with your recycling too!

Setting up a video chat counts too – conducting a meeting over conference call cuts down on commuting, not only saving time on travel but reducing carbon emissions.

Situate your desk near a window – this will let in natural light and heat so you can turn down the overhead light and thermostat. Watch the glare – you may want to purchase an anti-glare screen for your computer monitor to cut down on the amount of light that reflects off the display.

What to do with old office equipment? Recycle it! Give it a clean sweep and donate it to a charitable organization in need, watch for recycling events in your community or contact your local landfill to see how to properly dispose of electronics. Swap excess office supplies with another SO/HO colleague.

Be sure to use environmentally-safe cleaning products to keep your office furniture sparkly.

You’re only a few simple steps from a cleaner, greener home office!

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.  ~Author Unknown

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Turn Your Home Office Green