America’s Favorite Contact Sport: Business

Common Terms:

Base (where you work)

Goal (what you want to accomplish)

Strategy (how you work)

Cheerleaders (your fan base)

Hey Sport, It’s All in the Follow Through! Just like in golf, tennis, and kicking a field goal, where you succeed in business has everything do with the follow through. Stats: 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect! Don’t add to that percentage. Up your game by putting emphasis on your follow up.

Common Buzzwords:





Don’t punt. Have a plan for following up with prospects and with customers. Determine the best means of communication with your customers: newsletters, postcards, a telephone call, a hand-written note. Maybe it’s a combination of business correspondence from your company. Stats: 7 times. The number of times a potential customer needs to hear your marketing message before they take action. While this is a number to strive for, the best strategy for follow up is to find timing that works for you and the receiver that delivers an effective message.

Stay in the game. Keep communicating with your contacts. It’s not always the one who crosses the finish line first who wins… in NASCAR it’s consistency, the accumulation of positive results that determines the win.

NASCAR Sept 2015 blog